We conduct high level Geophysical Tests (Geoelectrical survey, Geoelecrtical tomography, Seismic tomography, Cross-hole and Down-hole tests, Georadar, Survey and identification of aquifers, Deposits and geothermal fields, Rock mass quality determination, Tectonic-seismotectonic mapping, Karst structures survey, Locating unexploded explosives, Mining – quarrying survey, Study of soil instability, Subsidence, Landslides and Soil creep, Archaeometry research, Oil and mineral resources survey, Establishing salination zones and possible pollution zones, Detection and mapping geological faults, Precise imprinting of road layers, Survey and identification of dam leaks reservoirs, sewers and any kind of underground pipes and tanks, Applications of military interest, Assessment of suitability of waste deposition positions, sanitary landfill etc, in cooperation with the office of Michael Poultsidis).


In order to provide you high level Geophysical Tests we use complete Geophysical Tests Equipment (in cooperation with the office of PhD Geologist Michael Poultsidis)

Α. Geophysical Equipment & Instruments:

  • Geophysical electrical tomography instruments LUND SYSTEM, 64 electrodes (SAS1000 & ES464), manufactured by ABEM Sweden.
  • Geophysical electrical tomography instruments LUND SYSTEM, 128 electrodes with 3d imaging capability of subsoil (SAS 4000 & ES464).
  • Geophysical electrical tomography instruments (ABEM Terrameter LS) 64 electrodes with 3d imaging capability of subsoil, manufactured by ABEM Sweden (the auxiliary equipment includes electrodes and electrical
  • tomography cables of 81 electrodes, for between distances of 2m, 5m, 10m and 20m, providing the ability of producing tomographies of 160m up to 1600m. To produce geo-electrical apparent pseudosections of electrical resistivity (RES), Self-Potential (SP), induced polarization (IP) and electric conductivity and depending on the desired depth of geophysical research, we provide the proper electrodes and cables up to 5km for Wenner and Schlumberger methods).
  • Geophysical instrument SLINGRAM EMAC 36, 3.6 ΚHZ for measuring earth electromagnetic field anomalies, manufactured by MALA Sweden.
  • Geophysical instrument SLINGRAM HF EMAC 180, 18.6 ΚHZ for measuring earth electromagnetic field anomalies, manufactured by MALA Sweden.
  • Geophysical instrument VLF WADI for measuring earth electromagnetic field anomalies, manufactured by ABEM Sweden.
  • Geophysical instruments GDP 32, ΝΤ 20, Zerotem, Nanotem, NT30, XMT32, MX30, SC8, TEM1 and ΤΕΜ 2 manufactured by ZONGE ENGINEERING U.S.A., for measuring, electric, electromagnetic and magnetotelluric anomalies of earth magnetic field. Investigations methods: Nanotem, Complex resistivity, Electrical Resistance Tomography, IP (Time Domain or Frequency Domain), Natural Source Magnetotellurics, Audio Frequency Magnetotellurics, Frequency Domain & Transient Domain.
  • Geophysical instrument type 500 Σ –Ε, for measuring electrical resistivity.
  • Base station, Magnetometer και Gradiometer G856, for measuring Earth’s magnetic, manufactured by GEOMETRICS U.S.A.
  • Motor geophsysical vehicle Mercedes 410_D (Lic. No. ΜΕ105375). It provides the ability of taking seismic, electric, electromagnetic geophysical measurements and borehole loggings at depths up to 500m. It is equipped with special pan & tilt cameras, for pipe and borehole logging, manufactured by ΙΒΑΚ (Argus & Rax 11.7), with the ability of camera movement up to 450m. Minimum internal diameter of pipes or boreholes is 100mm.
  • Seismic loggers – Seismographs ABEM MK6 V.2, 24 channels, manufactured by ABEM Sweden, with appropriate geophones for P and S seismic waves.
  • Seismic loggers – Seismographs BISON 9048, 48 channels, with appropriate geophones, for P and S seismic waves.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar manufactured by MALA Sweden: i) Mala ProEx (Professional Explorer), with shielded antennas of 250MHz, 500MHz, 1000MHz, and RTA antenna of  25-30 MHz. ii) Mala GX-HDR (Ground explorer High Dynamic Range), with shielded antennas of 160MHz and 450MHz.
  • ΕΜΙ Systems (Time Domain) manufactured by GEONICS Canada: i) EM61 MK2 High Power, ii) Geonics EM63,ii)  Geonics EM38.
  • Borehole Loggings:
    • Haferland Borehole Loggings system (500m measurement cable: single focus point resistance, three or four point – lateral or normal resistivity measurements 16 inch (sort) or 64 (long), gamma ray, Self-Potential (SP), conductivity, temperature and θερμοκρασίας and water flow meter
    • System of optical verticality measurements of boreholes
    • Portable system Scanprobre, of image and video capturing in boreholes
    • Loggins system of groundwater quality: H2O Reporter, datasonde and minisonde models 4, 4a και MS 5 manufactured by Hydrolab U.S.A.
    • Instruments (HQ40D) manufactured by Hache-Lange, for logging groundwater physico-chemical characteristics (caplets 80m, Ph, conductivity, temprature, redox potential και dissolved oxygen).

Β. Geotechnical equipment:

  • Tracklaying drill rig Grundojet 450 (manufactured by TractoTechnik), for inclined geotechnical boreholes at depths up to 80m.
  • Motorized (Ford Transit) drill rig (Lic. No. ΜΕ105375) Nordmayer DA-72 (RSB 0/1.4) and Dynamoc Penetrometer (DPLDPM-DPH) manufactured by Nordmayer. Drilling methods: Auger drilling, Percussion coring tube RKS, Open samplers, Rotary coring, Bailing and Hammering, Cases drilling and Straight flush rotary drilling.
  • Menard Pressuremeter (ΜΡΜ), including all probe diameters, for borehole pressuremeter tests up to 100m.

Γ. Microscopes:

  • Automated microscope system Leitz Ergolux LAF-AMC plus MPV_3.
  • Leitz MM6 Metallographic microscope.
  • Leitz Orthoplan και Metalloplan.
  • Leitz Ortholux και Orthoxul II.
  • Leitz Ortholux MPV_2 microscope photometer.
  • Leitz transmitted interference microscope (Mach-Zender).
  • Reichert MEF- 2 Metallographic microscope.
  • Reichert Zetopan microscopes.
  • Nikon Apophot microscopes.
  • Nikon Metallographic invert microscope.
  • Nikon comparison microscope.
  • Olympus PME Metallographic microscope.
  • Olympus Vanox microscopes.
  • Olympus IM invert microscope.
  • Stereoscopes Leitz και Olympus.

Δ. Testing and measuring Instruments:

  • Reichert micro-hardness tester, with measuring objective and indenter with diamond prism (Vickers method).
  • Leitz automatic micro-hardness tester system, with micrometer measuring objective and indenters with diamond prisms (Vickers and Knoop indentations).
  • Leitz Miniload 2 micro-hardness tester for Vickers, Knoop and Scratch Hardness.
  • Leitz Universal Delatometer UMB model , includes furnace for up to 1150°C and to 1600°C, heating and cooling device, time recorder for temperature and expansions, reflecting galvanometer test pieces and comparison rods. Suitable for differential and absolute method of investigations.

Ε. Instruments for environmental tests and aqueous systems:

  • Portable fasmatophotometers Foxboro Miran 1B2 & Foxboro Sapphire (Portable Ambient Analyzers).
  • Portable Instrument (Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer) Jerome 631 manufactured by Arizona instruments.
  • Radiation measurement instruments (α, β, γ) manufactured by Innova.
  • Instruments (HQ40D) manufactured by Hache-Lange for recording groundwater physico-chemical characteristics (Ph, conductivity, temprature, redox potential και dissolved oxygen). Maximum submersion depth 80m. Minimum borehole diameter 40mm.
  • Six (6) logging units and 18 multi parameters probes manufactured by Hydrolab U.S.A., for groundwater quality monitoring. They also provide early warning whenever physicochemical characteristics of water change. Systems: H2O Reporter, data sonde and mini sonde models 4, 4a και MS 5. For analyzing and factual reporting, Hydras 3 LT and Aquachem are used. Maximum submersion depth 200m. Minimum borehole diameter 60mm. Twelve (12) different parameters can be continuously measured: Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH, ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential or Redox Potential), Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, TDG (Total Dissolved Solids).
  • Stream flow meters.
  • Multiparameter Oceanografic logging system. Logging devices and 2 multi parameters probes manufactured by ME MEERESTECHNIKELEKTRONIK GMBH. They are used for continuous data recordings and loggings of water quality in marine environment. Maximum water submersion depth 1500m.
  • Multiparameter Oceanografic logging system. Type Sal-1, able to measure water quality at marine depths up to 200m.


  • Declaration of geophysical instruments to Public Authorities.
  • User Manuals of all Instruments.

For more information: http://www.poultsidis.com/index.php/el/eksoplismos