Our philosophy

In GEOT.ER. DIDASKALOU S.P. we believe in offering solutions in difficult problems and challenges in the field of:

Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design, Geological Surveys and Material QualityTesting, striving for high quality, with a feeling of responsibility towards the client’s and the project’s best interest, maintaining our reputation as top, state of the art, for more than 40 years, now (since 1976).

Despite the economic crisis, we preserve our know-how, members and top equipment, improving our facilities and laboratories, in order to provide the best solution,
regarding the client’s profit and safety.

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«Να ζεις το Παρόν,
Να ονειρεύεσαι το Μέλλον,
Και να μαθαίνεις από το Παρελθόν»