Our history and heritage

George Didaskalou, found in 1977, “GEOT.ER. DIDASKALOU”, the first private Geotechnical Consultants firm in Northern Greece.

Before that, he completed his studies as a Civil Engineer (Arist.Un.Thess. 1963), had professional experience as a public servant in the Greek Ministry of Works (in Athens), attained post graduate studies in Soil Mechanics in Purdue University Laf. Ind. USA (1967-1968) and working experience as a Geotechnical Consultant and partner in “Geomichaniki S.A.” (1972-1976).

A true pioneer in the field, he found the first private Material Quality Testing Laboratory in all fields (soil & rock mechanics, aggregates, concrete and asphalt).

He completed thousands of Geotechnical Soil Investigation and Foundation Design Projects and provided Consulting services to all Public Sectors and private construction companies successfully.

On February 21, 2006, “GEOT.ER.” ’s Laboratory becomes the first private concrete laboratory in Northern Greece, which was accredited by ESYD within EL.OT EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certification.

In 2000, the company staff was reinforced with his two sons, Gregory and Vassilios Didaskalou, after completing their military service and their studies as C. Engineers (in Aristotle Un.Thessaloniki and Un.of Surrey, respectively) and postgraduate studies in Soil Mechanics MSc in Soil Mechanics & Env. Engineering at Imperial College (1996-1997).

As a natural evolution, with the need to upgrade, on March 27, 2006, the company changed to “GEOT.ER. DIDASKALOU Special Partners”.

The company’s degree was upgraded (and remains today) to E’ class (top) in category 21 (Geotechnical Investigation and Design) and A’ class categories 8 (Structural Design), 20 (Geological Studies) and 27 (Environmental studies).

As GEOTER DIDASKALOU S.P. remains top in the field of geotechnical investigations and design for 40 years (since 1977), our constant goal is the justification of our heritage.