We Install Geomechanical Monitoring Instruments.

  • Piezometer Installation: Piezometers can be open type Standpipes or Casagrande, or losed type vibrating wire, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical.
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Extensometer Installation
  • Magnetic Extensometer Installation
  • Manchette tubes Installation
  • Triaxial Accelerometers Installation
  • Micrometers, Load and Pressure cells Installation
  • Installation of crackmeters, Stressmeters, accelerometers, displacement transducers, optical targets, 3D reflectors,etc.
  • Geomechanical & Structural Monitoring
  • Geomechanical & Structural Data Management
  • Geomechanical & Structural Studies

GEOT.ER. – DIDASKALOU S.P. has successfully installed, all Geomechanical and Structural Monitoring Instruments for the base line (Red line) of Thessaloniki Metro.