To cover all your possible needs in soil investigation, we offer the greatest range in Geotechnical Investigation equipment. (crawler-based, agile drill-rigs, drill-rigs on tracks, inclined drilling, hammer, Static and Dynamic penetrometer CPTs (Pagani type, 20 ton), Piezocone CPTU, Menard Pressuremeterter, Seismic cone, Inclinometer, Marchetti Dilatometer)

To choose the best Geotechnical investigation for your project, we judge based on our vast experience and personal archives that proudly possess, after 40 years of successful activity (founded 1976). Only the period 2007-2015, we executed 573 Geotechnical studies, with participation in major construction projects such as: Thessaloniki Metro, Trans Adriatic Pipe (T.A.P.), Egnatia Odos, Chavrias Dam, Hellas Gold S.A. Plant, etc., through partnerships with all known public institutions and construction companies.

To cover all needs in Material Quality Testing, we offer a wide range of quality control tests, in our fully equipped laboratories (Quality Control of concrete, asphalt, aggregates, testing Soil and Rock).

To provide high-quality Design and Technical Reports, we rely on our highly educated scientists (C.Engineers and Geologists with MSc degrees from Universities as: Imperial, Purdue Un, AUTH, etc.).

We provide high quality technical services by maintaining constant our experienced Technical staff (for over 15 years).

To provide high quality geophysical tests, we offer the most complete Geophysical testing equipment (in collaboration with M.Poultsidis office).

The accuracy and quality of laboratory tests offer, is guaranteed by our ISO Accreditation (ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025), our Certification and our annual calibrations of all our equipment.

You can visit us on our privately owned, modern facilities, offices, laboratories and technical equipment depot (in Thessaloniki, Pilea, 20 Tompazi str.).

We are based in vicinity with all major projects concerning Northern Greece and the Balkans, giving immediacy to our actions.

We believe in actively shaping our industry, through participation in Expert, Scientific Committees Meetings.

Our Designs and Studies in projects, find excellent approval and earn respect from all clients, benefiting us with excellent relations with all public Sectors and private contractors, resulting from our excellent previous collaboration with them.

Our proposals and Designs in projects, aim solely on the best interest of the client, as we are independent from companies related to construction.

Solid proof of our healthy financial position, despite the economic crisis that swept the companies in our industry, is our maintaining almost the same personnel, demonstrating financial health.